Dancing down the street like I am on a runway

Dancing down the street like I am on a runway This song by Drake was playing on my Spotify as I dance/walked down my street with Gibson in tow.  Oh, I wasn’t towing him he was leading me in a nice dance step as well.  He must hear the beat.  Once we got to theContinue reading “Dancing down the street like I am on a runway”

Snow Angels

Snow Angels Dear loved ones, I spent the last three days at a cottage just north-east of Toronto.  It was fabulous mainly because it had an outside hot tub.  If you have never experienced a hot tub in the wintertime in Canada, you are really missing something.  There were five of us sharing this experience,Continue reading “Snow Angels”

Dancing on my own

Dancing on my own love to dance, always have mustang bore the sticker on the back bumper Body moves with every tune No matter fast or slow the beat Husband one had no rhythm Husband two had no moves Husband three doesn’t exist Just made that up to extend the list Male number one keptContinue reading “Dancing on my own”