Living With Disappointment

Living with Disappointment Dear loved ones, Hello.  It just occurred to me to wonder where the word hello came from.  It is the word hell with an o added.  Our language is strange.  Many words sound exactly the same but are spelled differently.  Some words don’t even look like how they are pronounced.  Sorry, IContinue reading “Living With Disappointment”

Lovers in Dangerous Times

Lovers in Dangerous Times Dear loved ones, It has been several days since I have written and/or painted anything, but I have been busy none the less with working and everyday life.  The title of this post is taken from a song by Bruce Cockburn and I hope I am not in any trouble forContinue reading “Lovers in Dangerous Times”

Things I don’t like about myself

Things I don’t like about myself Dear loved ones, Well, it is 1:14 am and I am still awake and so made myself a cup of coffee to enjoy while I am sitting up in bed looking at the walls.  I have been on my own all weekend and this quiet time has forced meContinue reading “Things I don’t like about myself”