Living With Disappointment

Living with Disappointment Dear loved ones, Hello.  It just occurred to me to wonder where the word hello came from.  It is the word hell with an o added.  Our language is strange.  Many words sound exactly the same but are spelled differently.  Some words don’t even look like how they are pronounced.  Sorry, IContinue reading “Living With Disappointment”

I don’t want to be the strong one again

I don’t want to be the strong one again Hello friends loved ones; I have been questioning myself again with the introduction I always use.  Does it sound patronizing or too New Agey to call you my loved ones?  Syrupy sweet and unnatural?  Sorry if it does.  Really, I do love you.  Today, I haveContinue reading “I don’t want to be the strong one again”

Liking my white hair

Liking my white hair Dear loved ones, It is a rainy cool day here in Toronto and I am not minding it as we have had some warm sunny days lately and I was able to spend some time suntanning on my balcony in a bikini.  I would rather have been nude but wasn’t possibleContinue reading “Liking my white hair”

Dancing down the street like I am on a runway

Dancing down the street like I am on a runway This song by Drake was playing on my Spotify as I dance/walked down my street with Gibson in tow.  Oh, I wasn’t towing him he was leading me in a nice dance step as well.  He must hear the beat.  Once we got to theContinue reading “Dancing down the street like I am on a runway”

Cord Cutting

Cord Cutting Dear loved ones, I have been running away from my blog lately.  I know that sounds silly to actually physically run away from my own writing (okay I am not physically running anywhere), just avoiding and putting off.  It is true that I have been working more shifts at the grocery store, butContinue reading “Cord Cutting”

Getting things off my chest

Getting things off my chest Dear loved ones, (I really hope you do not mind me referring to you this way), This is just me talking to you.  Lots of thoughts have gone through my mind about what has been happening in the world with the virus and the lockdowns and shutdowns and the masksContinue reading “Getting things off my chest”

Great Big Sign

Great Big Sign Dear loved ones, I did something a few days ago as a test.  I wanted a sign that I was on the right path, and that my divine masculine was really my twin flame.  Why do I need constant proof?  Because he is not beating down my door or even talking toContinue reading “Great Big Sign”

The Beast

The Beast Dear loved ones, hello, good morning.  I am dragging out the introduction a wee bit because I am not sure how to write this.  It feels like a confessional and I guess that is exactly what it is.  I want to confess to you.  At first, I was going to submerge this wholeContinue reading “The Beast”

He’s Not That Interested

He’s not that interested Dear loved ones, I started reading this book today “He’s not that interested, he’s just passing time”, by Bruce Bryans.  It is not my intention to do a book report or a synopsis because that would be just too boring to write and also to read.  So instead, I want toContinue reading “He’s Not That Interested”