Will You Come Down Memory Lane with me?

Will You Come Down Memory Lane with Me? Dear loved ones, my ___ birthday is coming up in just over two weeks and I am scared.  I have never cared before about my age, why am I fretting now? The numerals are multiplying of their own accord it would seem.  Smiley face.  I started lookingContinue reading “Will You Come Down Memory Lane with me?”

Losing my religion

Losing My Religion Dear loved ones, It is a beautiful sunny and warm day here in Toronto Canada.  Perfect weather for suntanning on my balcony.  I love it.  Today I am wearing a bikini because my daughter is also suntanning and she said she doesn’t want to look at my boobs while we are havingContinue reading “Losing my religion”

Grieving in a bikini

Grieving in a bikini Dear loved ones, I wasn’t going to write a blog today because I am not really in a very good mood or head space.  My ex husband did indeed die yesterday afternoon.  I was laying on my bed resting and I felt him leave this plane.  His daughter messaged me aContinue reading “Grieving in a bikini”