Asking for a sign

Asking for a sign Dear loved ones, it is Saturday and I am not working today because I had booked it off some weeks ago in order to attend a Raptors basketball game to celebrate my grandson’s birthday.  He has expensive tastes.  The four tickets were not cheap, and the seats are not the goodContinue reading “Asking for a sign”

Nothing to say

nothing to say Dear loved ones, it is a warmish day today here in Toronto, but I am only guessing because I haven’t ventured outside yet, and I have been lazy just laying here in bed dreaming and thinking and feeling.  My body hurts from work yesterday.  It was crazy busy in the store andContinue reading “Nothing to say”

I’m not on the lay away plan

Not on the lay away plan Divine Feminine to the Divine Masculine Dear loved ones, well it is 4:25am and I haven’t slept a wink.  I worked late and I got to bed late and I didn’t eat while at work and I didn’t want to eat when I got home because it was tooContinue reading “I’m not on the lay away plan”

Names I call myself

Warning language and content my be offensive to some 18+ Names I call myself Dear loved ones, I have had a wonderful day today and enjoyed the sunshine and the warmish temperatures here in Toronto.  I walked and walked mile after mile and did not want to stop.  I did not have Gibson with meContinue reading “Names I call myself”

Is it time to stop being a slut?

Is it time to stop being a slut? Warning language and content may offend some 18+ Dear loved ones, I wanted to tell you about a dream I had last night, well I wasn’t really sleeping yet, just in the beginning stages, when I heard this voice as clear as day:  time to stop yourContinue reading “Is it time to stop being a slut?”

Not used to dumping someone a re-do

Warning language and content may be offensive to some 18+ Not used to dumping someone a re-do Dear loved ones, I am re-posting a story that I wrote back in September, 2019 and posted on my blog I think in December. The following is just a little bit of emotional drama and it may beContinue reading “Not used to dumping someone a re-do”

Laughing at myself

Warning language and content may offend some 18+ Laughing at myself Dear loved ones, I woke myself up this morning laughing my head off.  I haven’t done that in awhile and it is such a nice way to wake up.  I am even still laughing a little while I snuggle up in bed with myContinue reading “Laughing at myself”

Laughing Gas and out of body

Warning language and content may be offensive to some 18+ Laughing Gas and out of body Dear loved ones, yesterday I went to the dentist.  Ugh!  Oh yes, terrible stuff but very necessary.  I broke a tooth quite awhile ago and it was starting to bother me and was becoming painful.  You may wonder whyContinue reading “Laughing Gas and out of body”

Hot Wife Files – a disappointment

Hot Wife Files – a disappointment Dear loved ones, well it is the day after I wrote the finale for the Hot Wife Files series.  Four was all I could write on that subject as the writing and the imagining was giving me panic attacks.  Some of you were disappointed in the ending and wereContinue reading “Hot Wife Files – a disappointment”

Hot Wife Files 4 – divine intervention

Warning sexual language and content 18+ Hot Wife Files 4 – divine intervention Narrator: our hot wife only allowed one tear to escape as she began to lecture herself.  That is enough of that, stop all that nonsense, why are you crying and carrying on like a spoiled brat, look at who you are inContinue reading “Hot Wife Files 4 – divine intervention”